Monday, March 20, 2017

Free cake. Expensive dirt.

"Free cake!"


You can’t drain the swamp and leave all the people in it.
- Mick Mulvaney, Trump budget director, on cutting the EPA workforce, bloomberg article

Pirate Pass, Detroit Dirt

You can see Pirates games for $6 a ticket in April and May. Nice marketing, boys. Yow!

As the Pittsburgh Pirate marketing department soars, the lads at Detroit Tiger marketing are trying to sell bottles of dirt... at $20 a throw. (dop)
Pre-Order: Detroit Tigers 2017 Opening Day Game-Used Dirt Bottle
But wait! What if you want more Detroit Dirt? What if you NEED it.
Well, the Tigers have your dirt needs covered, baby. You can add a Detroit Dirt Watch to your collection for the paltry sum of $150. Bargain shopping! (ha)

This Detroit Tigers metal alloy watch comes with authenticated dirt from Comerica Park. The watch comes with a customizable interchangeable strap Japanese movement and is 5ATM water resistant. The dirt is authenticated using the MLB Authentication Program.
Detroit Tigers Metal Alloy Game-Used Dirt Watch

I gotta admit. I missed this whole dirt craze. I didn't see that one coming. (snark)
Enough already!

Battle Royale

Movie: Battle Royale
Review: 2 bill-stars (out of 5)... Godzilla bad

Battle Royale is a Japanese film from 2000 that has English subtitles. It's funny. The DVD, for some reason, defaults to Korean subtitles. But I'm like, "Why is this Japanese movie subtitled in Japanese?" I found out it was Korean when I switched the settings to English.

Anywho, Battle Royale is the Japanese version of Hunger Games. There are a bunch of teenagers in a battle to the death on a remote island. It's pretty bad. It feels like a Godzilla movie. Ridiculous acting. Silly special effects. Dark, high-contrast visuals. Bad.

The movie references, way back in 2000, the website:, for Battle Royale. But they didn't grab the domain or they did and let it lapse. Weak!

I was recommended BR by a student. Dop. Worth a try, but...
Not a good movie.

Hawk win!

The Blackhawk have played a ton of hockey. And they were bored to tears playing Colorado, one of the worst teams in the league. It was a yawner for 50 minutes, and then...
Blackhawks stun Avalanche with 3 goals in 34 seconds, win 6-3
The Hawk scored 3 goals in 34 seconds... 4 goals in 3 minutes (Serious, Panik, The Bread Man, and Serious again)... and 5 goals in the last 10 minutes of the game.
Hawk win! (Yahoo boxscore)

In the last 20 games, the Hawks have tallied 34 of a possible 40 points as the hottest team in the NHL. Our lead in the West is now 7 flippin' points. We're only a point behind the Caps in the East for home ice for the entire playoffs.

With only 10 games left in the regular season. Playoff me! Yow!

I lurve the Blackhawk TV Guys: Eddie O and Pat Foley. But they said one thing about an offside replay and the NHL said another. They kept playing a replay over and over showing Toews offside because the puck crossed the blue line before he left the zone.

But the replay nabobs at the NHL are talking about the puck crossing the line and then being touched by an attacking player's stick?!?
Review was not conclusive in determining whether Toews tagged up at the instant the puck was on Richard Panik’s stick when Chicago entered the attacking zone prior to the goal.
- nbc post
So, what the heck is offside then? I dunno.
I have some good company, I guess. The coach of the CO Avalanche can't figure it out either.

I guess I don't fully understand it. It's a tag-up rule. They're saying it wasn't fully on (Panik's) stick.
- Avalanche coach Jared Bednar, yahoo story
Well, I'm glad they counted the Toews goal.
It led to 4 more and a Blackhawk victory!
hawk win... yow, bill

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pabst Blue Ribbon art shot

"Pabst Blue Ribbon art shot"


I follow these Qikipedia guys on twitter... just weird little tidbits every day. It's pretty fun.


Kudos to the boys over at Detroit Tigers marketing... those early April games can get pretty chilly.
So how about the Detroit Dog Rescue day on April 8.
You get a cool t-shirt for you and a bandana for your dog.

Watch the Tigers battle the Boston Red Sox on Saturday, April 8 at 1:10PM and help Detroit Dog Rescue. This ticket package includes a game ticket, T-Shirt, dog bandanna and a five-dollar donation to Detroit Dog Rescue.

John Wick 2

Movie: John Wick, Chapter 2
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... good

John Wick 2 is pretty faithful to the original. It's a dumb action movie. The beginning of the movie is very strong. It gets pretty flabby in the middle. And then they turn up the volume at the end.

This one is a little more video game style than the first. Everything is a little less special because it's a rehash. Anywho, standard action flick... 3 bill-stars. Worth seeing.

Spoiler alert - I don't think I've ever had a spoiler alert before. (ha!) There was one scene in JW2 that was funny/whatever. There's a girl who realizes that John Wick is going to kill her, so instead she slits her own wrists. OK, the funny part...
  1. TY almost puked as the blood started flowing. He turned away, but almost lost it. Almost 18 and he still has a powerful gag reflex. (ha)
  2. So, this was actually one of the most funny/memorable scenes in JW2. The girl slits her wrists and slowly bleeds out in the tub while talking to John Wick. He's just watching all this and grunting. Finally, the girl dies. John Wick kind of shrugs. Shoots her in the head and walks away. Hey, shooting people in the head... that's his thing, baby. He he!

Gag Reflex

Speaking of gag reflex... I think I'm gonna hurl. You can call this ObamaTuition. It started in 2008, and it's completely fucked up.
Q: How do you mess up the higher education system, pushing prices up to sky high levels that almost no one can afford?
A: Get the feds in the game!

Federal student loans are up nearly 10X just in the last decade.

The [student] loan balance has risen and astonishing 908 percent over that time frame [since Dec 2007], most of which dates from after the recession.
Advisor Perspective post

What the jiminy.
thanks... yow, bill

PS - And this just in. A group of flamingos is a flamboyance.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Japanese chalk, green chickens and albino pigeons

"Birthday flowers"

Fancy Japanese chalk

I confirmed with my favorite mathematician that this Japanese chalk story is true.

Chalky QOTD
There have been rumors about a dream chalk, a chalk so powerful that mathematics practically writes itself; a chalk so amazing that no incorrect proof can be written using this chalk. I can finally say, after months of pursuit, that such a chalk indeed exists.
Why Mathematicians Are Hoarding This Special Type of Japanese Chalk

You can still buy some fancy Japanese chalk on Amazon... almost $1 per stick though.

Let's keep surfing...

  • The chalk professor quoted above is from Williams College in Williamstown, MA.
  • Here's the back story on the trophy itself.

The Green Chicken is a trophy in an annual math competition between students at Williams and Middlebury Colleges... Middlebury College math professor Bob Martin gave the trophy, when it was still just a casserole dish, to his sister as a wedding present. Later she gave it back to him as a housewarming present. In 1978, the regifting stopped and the dish became the prize in the math competition. Says Martin, "The big question we had to wrestle with is: Who should get it, the winners or the losers?"
  • As I said, Williams College won the Green Chicken by defeating Middlebury College. Middlebury College is currently enjoying its 15 minutes of fame... some of their precious leftie students beat up a rightie author (Charles Murray) that came to speak at the school. Students At Vermont College Protest Conservative Speaker, Assault Professor. Just more wacky leftie violence for you.
  • For some reason, math googling led to a book by Danica McKellar called Girls Get Curves. Ok, we know the reason, but the interesting thing... Girls Get Curves is a math book written for teenagers and is a 5-star book on Amazon:

Phew. I'm tired from all that surfing. (ha)

Surprisingly Good

Book: Killing the Rising Sun by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard
Review: 4 bill-stars (out of 5)... very (surprisingly) good!

I received this book as a gift from my father and promptly scrunched my face. I was dubious. I'd certainly heard of the "Killing" books and don't have anything against Bill O'Reilly, in particular. It's just any and all talking heads that I dislike. (ha)

But Killing the Rising Sun is a solid 3+/4- book. I'll round up to the 4 bill-stars because of the pleasant surprise. The writing is smart and action-packed. The only slow sections are where the authors linger a little too long on the usage of the atomic bomb. Other than that, the story moves right along.

There are really two keys to Killing the Rising Sun. First, the stories behind Japan and WWII are so incredible. The raw facts of the war (death, destruction, soldiers, airplanes, ships, etc) are mind-boggling. So, WWII is the perfect setting for some amazing stories. Second, O'Reilly and Dugard sharply focus on individual stories inside the larger picture of the war in the Pacific. Some of the stories are famous (Truman, Douglas McArthur) and some are not.

The invasion was planned for almost a decade, beginning with an influx of Japanese soldiers disguised as immigrants, a systematic mapping of the Philippines' more than seven thousand islands, and spying on Philippine coastal defenses. "Only later," Filipino president Manuel Quezon will remember, "did I discover that my gardener was a Japanese major and my masseur a Japanese colonel."
- Killing the Rising Sun, on the Japanese invasion of the Philippines
This is a very entertaining book. I can understand why they are so popular. Hey, it's not David McCullough, but it is very well done. A good read!

Positivity, cont.

Rarer than an albino pigeon... a funny Facebook post. (snort)

Now, this story is really heartening.
People are supporting Trump's daughter against the leftie attacks/hatred she is facing.

Happy QOTD
US sales of Ivanka Trump products on Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) were up 332% in January and February compared to a year prior. The brand's sales at Macy's (M) were also up 148%, and 29.5% at Bloomingdale's...
Ivanka Trump sales boom in February
Two can play that game. I no longer shop at Nordstrom, who very publicly dumped Ivanka Trump products from their stores. Perhaps I'll head over to Macy's and Bloomies later today. (cha!)

Regular, old people stepping up against leftie violence and FAKE NEWS... that's some positivity.
thanks... yow, bill

PS - Bonus headline. (oh my!) Naperville teens. Weak. HA!