Saturday, January 21, 2017

Feels great. Again.

"Snowy Noctrl"

Still, Brexit is pegged as impossible and apocalyptic by the media.
Funny. British PM Theresa May seems pretty positive.

Britain is an open and tolerant country, but the message from the public before and during the referendum campaign was clear. Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe, and that is what we will deliver.
- Theresa May, British PM, npr post

Feels great. Again.

The Obama presidency ends today. Good riddance. He hardly deserves a postscript. But no rant here. No quotes. No links. No laundry list of failure and malfeasance. Just three quick points.

1. Good will - Our first non-white president, Obama started with more goodwill and political capital than any other president. That was quickly squandered.

2. Divisive - Jimmy Carter is the first president I remember. With gas lines and inflation and unemployment and Iranian hostages, Carter's message was clear: America's best days were behind us. He was the "malaise" president.

Obama was the "divisive" president... a far more negative state. His strategy was to intentionally pit American against American for his own gain. Obama separated us by gender, wealth, religion, sexual orientation, political persuasion, and especially race. His disservice to African-Americans and our inner cities stands out as a particularly ugly blemish on Obama's 8 years.

3. Hard left - The first leftie president in my lifetime, Obama rejected and worked against The American Dream. Those who disagreed with Obama were tagged as idiots and/or deplorable racists. It's my first exposure to the "end justifies the means" approach of the hard left. All this negativity was supported and amplified by the media over and over again.


So. Trump!

In 2016, America said nuts to Obama, the left, the media and political correctness. Also, we didn't elect a gol dang crook. That's kind of nice. (snort)

I'm hopeful that Trump will continue to be Trump. He said he'll keep tweeting (btw, you can follow Trump without signing up on Twitter... just goto his page I hope he acts like the businessman he is. Action. Change. Success. As Trump would say... Winning.
Here's a nice summary from Investor's Business Daily.

Trump QOTD
Yes, Trump's agenda is broad and ambitious. Repeal and replace ObamaCare. Rebuild America's infrastructure. Cut taxes. Slash spending and the size of government. Most of all, he has pledged to reunite us as a people after the most divisive presidency in modern history. If he accomplishes even the last item on this daunting list, he could become the most transformative president of all.

The positivity. Feels great. Again.

Aw, snap. Aw, snap.

I got this message from google because my wireless was slow to connect.

Of course, that made me think of Regular Show. (ha)

Aw, snap. Aw, snap.
Come to our macaroni party then we'll take a nap.
- Regular show,
I'm still strolling around the castle singing Aw, snap. (ha!)

Fun at the Jew-el

I laughed out loud (LOL'd, sorry) when I saw this magazine in the checkout line at the Jew-el.

I laughed less when I saw some Naper-malfeasance pasted to the front door of the Jew-el. You must now be 21 to buy tobacco in The Ville. A pox on Naperville's nabobs. Go away!

feels great again... yow, bill

PS - Bonus pic! Trump's top advisor Kellyanne Conway in her funky patriot get-up at the inauguration. Excellent.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fun at The Peaks

"Fun at The Peaks"

Speaking of fun... the first Razzball rankings are out for 2017 fantasy baseball. Oh my!
The Razz Top 10: Trout, Goldy, Mookie Betts, K Bryant, J Altuve, A Rizzo, Manny, Bryce, Joshy D.
I remain hopeful that Bryce will fall to Naperville at the #12 slot. Pretty please!

Marching band positivity!

Have you heard about this marching band positivity? Oh yeah, leftie media. Probably not.
All-Black Talladega Marching Band Raises $320,000 to Play Trump Inauguration

Excellent! I guess the band was struggling to raise $$$ for the trip until the story aired on Fox.

The historically black college in Alabama needed to raise $75,000 for travel, lodging and other expenses. Through a GoFundMe page, more than 7,600 people have donated $420,000 and counting in just 13 days. 
The donations starting flowing soon after Talladega College President Billy Hawkins appeared on "The O’Reilly Factor" on Fox News on Thursday. Before the appearance, the band had raised only $57,000.
- foxnews story
Here's their gofundme:
They're up to almost $600K now. Excellent. Good for them!

I'm happy to bring you a panegyric about that whole Trump/marching band situation. (huh?)

Trump = change

I could list a zillion absurd examples from leftie media, leftie pols, Obama, some Hollywood star or whatever... but why bother? It's all the same echo chamber blather.
Trump = change!

Obama continues his role as Evita and the worst president in my lifetime. His unilateral moves in these last few weeks are ridiculous, unprecedented, and unethical. The Department of Justice is going out in (pathetic) style, issuing a report AFTER Obama's farewell speech in Chicago but BEFORE he leaves office. Their conclusion: The problem in Chicago is the cops, not the nearly 4,000 murders over the 8 years of Obama's presidency. Chicago cops have already gotten the message:

I have a Facebook friend who has it right.

Facebook QOTD
Something is just inherently wrong with a system that has the ethics of a police department under scrutiny in a city where the murder rate (i.e., civilian on civilian) is off the chart!!!! IJS!!! (And I know that many of you won't agree--but this is MY page and MY opinion.) Respectfully shared, ME!!!  :-)
- AR, a Facebook friend of mine (yes, she's African-American and lives in Chicago)


Movie: Arrival
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... good

Well, let me get this out of the way. The aliens look like Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons. (snort)

This is a movie about first contact. It's good, not great. Amy Adams is good in the lead role. A girl scientist and first contact made me think of Jody Foster and movie Contact, which is much better and more interesting than Arrival.

The worst part of the movie is the pace. It's very slow and is chockful 'o closeups of facial reactions to this or that. Anywho, Arrival is worthy.

Amy Adams in Arrival... I'm a human! (ha)

thanks... yow, bill

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


"Nativity art shot"

My Obamacare prize

I got my Obamacare prize in the mail yesterday. I strolled out to the mailbox and found a short, friendly letter from my health care provider, BlueCross BlueShield. They calmly notified me that the premiums on my high-deductible policy for 2 healthy adult males was increasing 27%.

My health insurance premium increased 27% in a year.

THE. Affordable Care Act.

Dear Mr. Krieger: 
With advances in medical technology, prescription drugs and ways to treat injuries and illnesses, Americans are living healthier lives. Because of these changes, we must adjust your premium to stay in line with increased costs.
- BlueCross BlueShield 27% increase blather

Trump. Opportunity. Optimism!
"Optimism among America’s small businesses soared in December by the most since 1980 as expectations about the economy’s prospects improved dramatically in the aftermath of the presidential election."
bloomberg post
Since 1980. Since Reagan...


I'm plodding through yet another disappointing Scrabble calendar (yadsc), but here's one fun word for you. Sumglum. I mean, slumgum.

Great band name, I thought.

And go here:
Their fun ringtones are hysterical!
Now, I just have to figure out how to upload them to my iPhone. (grrrr)

Naperville = weeners

Pretty surprising. They got rid of the Naperville Marathon:
The Naperville Marathon is no more. 
After four years running, it was decided that the full-length marathon be cut out of the race weekend. 
Low participation, combined with the all-day road closures needed for the length of the event contributed to its cancelation.

Man, that's weak. Weeners!
I shun and scoff at the Naperville non-marathon by reposting my victory picture from the very first Naperville Marathon in 2013. Here's the original williamt post, too: Naperville Marathon Victory.

La La Land

Movie: La La Land
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... great for a date

This is a great movie for date night. Romance for the ladies, and there's enough interesting stuff going on for the guys. The acting is strong by super-hyper-mega stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The plot and the writing is very good. I was interested through to the end even with all the mushy stuff. (ha) It's very funny in parts as well. La La Land is built on a foundation of positivity.

The decision to make this a musical seems interesting to me. First off, the singing and dancing parts are important, but it's a small percentage of the movie. Second, the BIG stars aren't very good singers or dancers. They're just OK. But that weakness is overcome by how well everything else in the film is put together. And singing and dancing aside, there's no doubting the screen presence of the two BIG stars here. So, everything works really well.

La La Land is great for a date. The ladies will likely hand out more stars than I have here. La La Land is worthy. A good movie.

thanks... yow, bill

PS - The nativity art shot punch line... my Dad's nativity scene is placed above his stereo and right below his big screen plasma TV. Ha!