Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bear game nap. And Huzzah!

"Bear game nap"

Even Sparky is bored by the NFL. (he he)

Wolowitz: Renaissance fairs aren't about historical accuracy. They're about taking chubby girls who work at Kinkos and lacing them up in corsets so tight their bosom jumps out and says "howdy". 
Sheldon: Bosoms would not have said "howdy" in the fifteenth century. If anything, they would have said "Huzzah!" 
Wolowitz: I don't care what the bosoms say, Sheldon. I just want to be part of the conversation.

Meadow Glens!

Meadow Glens Elementary School, located right near me, is ranked #1 elementary school in Illinois by some bunch of nabobs. Yow!
2018 Best Public Elementary Schools in Illinois
I've featured Meadow Glens' excellent school sign a few times here in the williamt blog.
Here's a blast from the past.

  • TY's school - River Woods is ranked #4
  • Holly's school - Ellsworth is ranked #14
That's some incredible positivity for Naperville schools!

I moved to back to Illinois 25 years ago and chose Naperville for its good schools.
I. M. Smart.

I'll betcha a dollar

Betcha a dollar... a fun, new williamt blog feature... perhaps?

Snarky do-no-evil tech company Google is being sued by a bunch of girl-nerds for not paying them s much as the boy-nerds.
Google hit with lawsuit alleging it systematically pays women less than men
Google has to be miffed. I mean they played the politically correct game as good as anybody. Earlier this year, the company fired some nerd guy for saying that boys and girls might be different. Jeez, where's Google's leftie payback?

I'll betcha a dollar this lawsuit is bogus. I'll betcha that Google bends over backwards to keep each and every female nerd they can get their hands on (I know I do, he he) and pays them handsomely, to boot! That goes for non-white, non-Asian nerds too.

NFL player Michael Bennett says Vegas cops discriminated against him because he's black. This happened in a Vegas nightclub at 2 am when the cops were called to deal with a potential shooting. (jeez) Bennett's story lasted about 15 minutes until the Vegas cops pushed back hard. On NFL Sunday, I didn't hear a peep about any of this. Michael Bennett is suddenly quiet as a mouse as well.

I'll betcha a dollar M Bennett wasn't harassed by the Vegas cops because he was black. Vegas nightclub. After midnight. Shootings. This is an EZ one.

/* below... 2 Seattle cheerleaders kissing their seahawk mascot, um huh?!? */

/* BTW, there isn't really a bird called a seahawk; it's like this... */

The Seattle Seahawks football team claims that its team name is an alternate common name for the osprey. However, scientists prefer to split that name into two words, and the common name "sea hawk" can refer to either ospreys or skuas.

$$$, then inner peace

Attention young people! Rapper Sean Combs has figured out the key to life/happiness, and he's tweeting it out there for you.

Dumb Tweet OTD

Of course, I might recommend you adopt this inner peace philosophy only after you've accumulated a pile of $$$ nearly a billion high.

Smarter QOTD
Entrepreneur and music artist Sean "Diddy" Combs secured the top spot on the Forbes list of Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists for the sixth consecutive year. The publication lists his net worth at $820 million.

I truly enjoy twitter. Of course, Trump on twitter is a revelation. I found the rapper wisdom above on twitter because my son "liked" it. Bah. It's not a thing. You're supposed to be a goof at 18 yo. I'd just say: 1) there are probably better role models than doofus Sean Combs, and 2) remember, $$$ and success first, then you can buy all the inner peace you want. (smile)


Ah, fantasy baseball. Cruel mistress. I must have you! (snort)

Part 1 - Well, I made the playoffs, improbably coming back from 10+ injuries since the All-Star break. I squeaked in as the 6th and final team to make the cut.

Part 2 - And then, in the luckiest outcome I've seen in (mumble mumble) years of doing this, I won my first playoff round. That Saturday and Sunday I snagged 6 fake SB and 2 vulture wins from a crappy closer to lie, cheat and steal my way into the semis. You just shake your head and smile. Well, I did. The other guy broke down into fantasy tears. (wah and ha)

Part 3 - Here in the semifinals, it's choppy waters for Naperville once more. The Roses are way down and almost knocked out. The semis end tonight. Interestingly, I'll be unaware of the final outcome for quite a while. I'll be on a plane, cruising at 30,000 feet, complaining about the wifi (sorry, Louis CK inside joke). I guess I'll just have to let my unworthy, unwashed opponent do the Sunday night worrying for both of us.

But I am ready for the final push. I've got my rally cap on. My rally monkeys are ready too. (smile) Let's rock!

Part 4 - Championship round?!?! We shall see.

Go Naperville!
thanks... yow, bill

Thursday, September 14, 2017

You have 100% probability of winning.

"Puzzle art"

I'm lazy. This post is just a bunch of quick-hitters... hi-ho!

Cui Bono?

I saw the painting above at the New Mexico Museum of Art. It's really LARGE and really amazing. It's titled Cui Bono? That's Latin for "Who Benefits?" It's a social commentary on the cultural assimilation of Native Americans in the late 1800's. You can read the story here:

I bought a 150 piece puzzle of that painting at the gift shop. That's vacation-y fun!

Soda Positivity!

I wouldn't cross the street to kick Michael Bloomberg in the shins. Bloomberg is a billionaire busybody whose value system is has the heft of a Saturday morning cartoon. The guy is totally lame, even for a leftie. While Bill Gates fights aids and poverty in the third world, Michael Bloomberg fights for cigarette and soda pop taxes here in The States.

Bloomberg's latest project: the inane Chicago soda pop tax. He's spending $5M on ads promoting this stupidity. You and I know better. Soda pop has nothing to do with obesity. In fact, as the consumption of soda pop has declined over the last couple decades, obesity has climbed. Bloomberg's fake ads pretend that soda companies are like drug pushers or tobacco companies preying on our poor (fat) youth. That's a 100% Pinocchio lie.

So, where's the positivity, Bill?
Well, it's Chicagoans. We get it! DANG! (ha) Chicagoans are smarter than this, and polls show that people are rejecting Bloomberg and his ninny-inspired nabobery. That's some positivity!

In one Bloomberg TV ad, Dr. Javette Orgain, a doctor and professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago says soda companies “are targeting our children.” 
“It makes me angry, and it should make you angry too,” Orgain says in the ad. “The soda tax will mean healthier kids, healthier families, healthier communities. If we don’t protect the kids, who will?”
- Poll: Residents not swallowing ads tying pop tax to health concerns

Wha Happened?!?

Crooked Hillary's new book is called What Happened. (pfft) The only thing sadder than Crooked Hillary's book is watching the media try to reflate her gray, decaying corpse of a public image.

Nuts to that. I prefer Mike LaFontaine's 1970's show: Wha Happened?!?

As you know, back in 1970-(mumble mumble), I starred on a series called Wha Happened?
And every time something would go wrong, I would look at the camera and say, "Hey, wha happened?" We had a lot of fun with that and a lot of other catch phrases: I got a real red wagon, and uh, I can't do my work!
- Fred Willard (absolute genius!),

Free Range, cont

Continuing the Free Range theme from my last post... this story is really scary. It's happened to that Kennedy girl from MTV/Fox News. Her baby fell off the couch and broke her collarbone. Then... cue the government/admin insanity.

And the doctor told me that they were going to X-ray every bone in her body and if any other bones were broken they were going to call a social worker, and they were going to take her from us and that it would be at least a month before we got her back. Fortunately none of her other bones were broken, but I realized how quickly and how easily, even though I had done nothing wrong, the state would not allow me to establish my innocence to keep my child if something else had, God forbid, been wrong.
- Kennedy, The Time Fox TV’s Kennedy Almost Had Her Baby Taken Away by the State

Government intervention in parenting is a growing pariah. Free Range Lenore found this pushback against the nanny state in Canada.

We are becoming a nation of censorious busybodies and scaredy-cats bent on inhibiting not just personal choice but the very notion of parental and child agency. The enterprise is being empowered by overbearing government policy.
- Free Range Lenore, Globe and Mail Tells Government to Back Off and Let Parents Free-Range!


Goodreads is 10 years old. Cool.

And Goodreads has 65 million users. Yow!

In the last year, Goodreads surpassed two major milestones—65 million members joined the site, and, coincidentally, these readers have written 65 million book reviews.
Ten of Our Top Reviews of All Time!

I heart Goodreads. It's one of my favorite sites on the web. It's interesting how the book reviews on Goodreads are fairly reliable and interesting, while those on Amazon are not.

My Goodreads tallies: 6+ years, 283 books/reviews

Hurricane mania

Some of the most ardent, self-interested, $$$ grubbing global warming supporters in the world are the scientists at our ridiculous fed government. And even the NOAA doesn't attribute any "detectable impact" on hurricanes from global warming.


I can't remember where I got this. Just a funny Billy reference.


For most of my classes, Prof Bill should be Tutor Bill. A centralized lecture combined with individual attention seems like a better higher education future to me.
The college lecture is dying. Good riddance.


I saw a snippet of the Steve Bannon interview this weekend. Dood is fucking intense and electric!

You gotta see the interview, but shit... the best story went something like this. In October, the snarky tape of Trump trash-talking women came out. In the midst of the media storm, Trump calls a big meeting and asks his advisors what his chances of winning the presidency are now. He goes around the table and every prediction was dire... except the last in the circle, Steve Bannon.

You have 100% probability of winning.
- Steve Bannon to Trump during campaign, newser post
Bannon's rationale: Your message is connecting with people. Keep doing what you're doing. No one but the "pearl-clutching media" cares about some locker room talk from years ago.
Ding. That is correct, sir!

I've said this before. I love how odd-looking our guys are, the Trump guys.
Bannon looked like hell in his interview. Like he was ready to enter rehab, not exit it.
But his logic and his reasoning and his passion were crystal clear. Cha!
thanks... yow, bill

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Butterfly window

What's better than a science and natural history museum? Sorry, it's a trick question. Nothing is better.

"Butterfly window"

This fun butterfly window is from the New Mexico Natural History and Science Museum: Excellent!

Jack White interview

I saw snippets of Jack White's interview with Dan Rather; it's very good:

I was surprised when Jack White went after today's culture of entitlement (in the quote below). He bristled at people listening to music and watching movies only on their phones. He felt a lot of the beauty and artistry was lost and said something like: You think you're truly experiencing beauty while on a cell phone? He shrugged and said... Ok. I guess.

‘Like I said to [Bob] Dylan one time, I said, “In a lot of ways, you guys had it so lucky in the 60s. All these recording techniques had never been tried before; the Civil Rights Movement was coming to a head, you had that to sing about; the Vietnam War. The whole world was changing… It was like shooting fish in a barrel to sing about those kind of songs.’ And now it’s an age that’s a little more – I hate to label the generation now “entitled” – but the sense of entitlement that’s around nowadays seems to be something that bugs me enough to want to try and overcome it… I don’t see that beauty in the way that pop music is all recorded on computer and auto-tuned and presented in that really plastic way. And I guess I just do my best in whatever I do to try to defeat those ideas and present something that’s at least an attempt at getting at truth and getting at beauty.”
- Jack White, What we learned from Jack White’s Big Interview with Dan Rather
Excellent! Being old and uncool myself, I hesitate to attack our mobile 140 character culture so directly. But if you're Jack White, then have at it.

College funum

Trinity University motto: E Tribus Unum
It means "In three, one".

I assume this is a religious reference because it's Trinity University after all. I wonder if they would get rid of it (the religious stuff) if they could.

Of course, this is similar to its famous big brother: E Pluribus Unum.
Which means "Out of many, one".

And college not fun

Jeez. Caution. I have some extreme dang leftie negativity coming your way.

Summary... U Mass. 2014. A black guy named Kojo (engineering) and white girl R.M. (marketing) meet. They get high and start kissing. She pulls his pants down and: "I got on my knees and started to give him a blow job." Well, then she changes her mind and leaves. "R.M. had not removed any clothing." The next morning RM cries sexual assault and throws Kojo's life into the ash heap.
The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy

I gotta admit. I churned on this one a bit. It's so troubling. Who could adopt a policy like this? Unjust. Secret. Ugly. Wrong. Of course, it was the Obama administration. But I mean how can you justify this stuff?

Then I caught myself. I keep making the same old mistake. Old dog... my bad.

It's not logic or reason or justice, it's just dogma. Leftie dogma.
It's the dogma that shuns freedom and individual liberty in favor of centralized admin authority. Power to the nabobs of society.

Hey, throw this in there, too. Make no mistake that people are getting paid. Paid BIG $$$. These college admins (college presidents and deans) who we have so much illegitimate, unchecked power over young lives will do anything to keep their own $$$ coming in. In communist Russia, these people were the all-powerful bureaucrats, party members. As Trump would say - these are bad people.

Speaking of Trump, his Education gal, Betsy Devos, is moving to fix some of this malfeasance on our college campuses. Good for her!
DeVos Moves to Rein in the Campus Kangaroo Courts

Protecting due process in sexual-assault cases on campus

Trump's momentum is so strong right now. He's currently trouncing leftie media, dems, and repubs all. Trump is battling the swamp and winning. So far. Keep rolling, baby!

Baseball positivity

I got this classic from my favorite Aunt's Facebook page.
Biscuits to offer free game tickets to Irma evacuees 
The Montgomery Biscuits. (snort)

And here's some fantasy baseball positivity. Of course...
  • Of course, the first round of fantasy baseball playoffs are incredibly exciting and close. We won't know the winner until the Sunday afternoon games.
  • Of course, my pitching has sucked all year, so I'm winning ERA, Whip and saves. 
  • Of course, my hitting has rocked all year, so I'm trailing in home run. (grrr)
So, it's Naperville v. Vatican City. The team that bops these next 2 days will advance. Hey now!

Go Naperville!
thanks... yow, bill