Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Random Thriller

"Snooty soda art shot"

TY "made me" try this Bai stuff. Yow! Good.


Thriller came up on my random iPod in the Sooby. I cranked the volume. Excellent!
Then it got me thinking. And blogging. (ha)

Michael Jackson's Thriller album was released in 1982, 35 years ago. Yow!

The Thriller video still sparkles and jumps off the page:

Two points here:
  • Thriller is still great: song and video. Michael Jackson too. (duh)
  • We don't have any Michael Jacksons out there any more. Two sub-points here:
    • Popularity - Entertainment options are more diffuse now. You'll never see one star dominate pop culture like Michael Jackson did.
    • Talent - Where's the talent now? Not in rock/pop/videos. Is the genre old/dying/dead? I reckon.

Thriller was the combined genius of Michael Jackson and producer Quincy Jones. And the video was directed by John Landis. Today, the most-watched videos feature zero-talents like the Gangnam Style Korean guy or some Hispanic dude singing the theme from Fast and Furious 7 (link). Jesu Cristo!

All I know - Thriller is still worthy, to this day. Especially the last 5 minutes of dancing/choreography.
Cause this is thriller... thriller night...

Not swamp. Sewer!

Drain the sewer. Ya think!

The new guy sounds good. Really good.

We have to get the leaks stopped. What’s going on right now is a high level of unprofessionalism, and it’s not helping the president. … I will take drastic action to stop the leaks.
- new Trump Communication Director, A Scaramucci, slate post

And look, the swamp and Crooked Hillary aren't the only reasons Trump got elected. The repubs in Congress are weasels too. Seven years of Obamacare blather and now they tell us... oh, um, we were just kidding. We have no principles.
Senate rejects full Obamacare repeal without replacement
Swamp. Sewer. Whatever. Just drain it, baby.


Cool AI. Here's Microsoft showing off.

Microsoft used thousands of these chips at once to translate all of English Wikipedia  into Spanish—3 billion words across five million articles—in less than a tenth of a second.
- Microsoft playing with AI, Quest for AI Leadership Pushes Microsoft Further Into Chip Development

Global warming is not tech. Just leftie politics.
Example: As renewables go up, nuclear (another carbon-free tech) goes down.

If the planet were really burning up, this wouldn't be allowed to happen. In fact, if nukes grew like other renewables, we'd have 10% less of the world's energy coming from fossil fuels. With increases in standard of living, not cuts. Yes?

My guy, Bjorn Lomborg has a great twitter feed full of global warming stuff like this. Dood!
yes... yow, bill

Friday, July 21, 2017

Weird Frank

"Weird Frank"

This is an unflattering closeup (FAKE NEWS!) of the Frank Thomas statue at Sock Park. They have a bunch of statues in the back, by the bleachers. In general, they don't seem to be of super-high quality. Kust cayin.

Fantasy Baseball Giveth

...and fantasy baseball taketh away.
Here's my guy C Correa after thumb surgery to reattach a ligament. Dop. And dop!

Carlos Correa is out for the season. Well, the fantasy season at least.

Correa is just 22 years old. I drafted him (stole him) in the 2nd round this year. It's easy to argue that Correa is the fantasy MVP this year. Correa is a top 15 bopper without a single SB (or even an attempt!), and the 2nd best SS isn't even on the first page (top 25). He leads all SS in every single bopping cat: run, homer, rbi, and tb.

Well, no sugarcoating this one. This is "bad". Naperville's fantasy prospects take a significant beating without Correa. I have Brad Miller in there now. Miller was outstanding last year, hit cleanup for The Ray, and swatted 30 home run. He's just back from an injury himself, so we shall see.

Older Than Game

Here's another edition of the most popular feature of the williamt blog (not counting Trump tweets, ha)... the Older Than Game! Here we go.

Quiz - Is WilliamT older than... the College of DuPage?

[extensive muzak]

Answer - Yes. I'm older than College of DuPage. (audience: awwww)
COD is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. (dop!)

Water From My Heart

Book: Water From My Heart by Charles Martin
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... good

This book is well-written. The author's writing style is very enjoyable. He's a good writer.

The plot is a big problem though. Much of the book feels like a Miami Vice episode with billionaires and hot chicks and drug runners and Caribbean islands and... well, you get the idea. It's also very repetitive. We hear the self-recriminations of Charlie the drug smuggler over and over and over again.

More positivity - There was a lot of good action, and the ending was pretty good as well.

My life had been characterized by emptiness the size of the Sahara but there, in that moment, in the back of that truck in the armpit of Nicaragua, I wondered—for the first time—if there wasn't a river flowing down deep inside me. 
If so, the water that would cleanse me was not water from my head—where I'd learned to rationalize my indifference. 
But water from my heart.
- Charlie, Water From My Heart
From this quote, you see another characteristic of this book. It's pretty maudlin. That's not my favorite style, but parts of it are pretty moving.

Finally, please, I'm not being snarky here. I think these reviews can often read more harsh that they're intended to be. The book ends with the author's personal story in Nicaragua. He talks about his transformation there years ago, when he witnessed the poverty and courage of the Nicaraguan people. But then, in the next paragraph, he details how he hasn't changed his life at all as a result. I didn't quite get that. Like, his iPhone cost more than those people make in a year. Well, if you were very personally moved by a couple guys down there and they live on $2 a day, then write them a check! Send them a couple grand a year and change their lives! Again, no snark... it's just an odd thing to read.

A good read.
thanks... yow, bill

Thursday, July 20, 2017

10,000 words

A picture is worth a thousand words.

1. Sbux vacation

"Sbux vacation"

This is me on vacation at the new mega-Starbucks in Naperville. (get it? get it? (nudging you) the new naper-sbux is so HUGE that you can take a vacation there (shrug))
Oh well. I sure look funny. (ha)

2. Yelp down

Full disclosure - Yelp was only "down" momentarily. But it's a cute page. The clever "my website is down" page is sort of a nerdy tradition. For example, Google whips out their broken robot when something goes awry.
Gmail errors are pretty rare. When they do happen, I pause and reflect on the horror of gmail not working for some extended period of time, like some kind of 70's disaster movie.
And then I hit refresh. (phew)

3. Enquiring minds...

All of this feels like such a throwback. The grocery store. A paper magazine. The Enquirer and crazy headlines. Fun!
Also, very effective, right? I WANT to know more about every story on that page.

  • Why is Blake Shelton a racist, bully, gay basher, serial cheater? 
  • Is Chaz Bono really the fat? 
  • Judge Judy? Adulterer?!? Tax cheat?!? What the heck is she cheating on?!?

4. Goofus and Gallant

Speaking of throwback...

5. Pizza1


6. Pizza2

(you know some snooty people are very anti-Dominos and try to shame me?!? fortunately, my blog readership here approaches zero, so I can post my dinner pic with impunity, but I don't get it... good pizza and only 8 bucks if you pick it up... yum again)

7. Pizza3

Fire! Fire! Fire!
Pop's Pizza in Roselle (yelp reviews) burnt to the ground this week. Argh! The place was a real local joint and Pop's supreme pizza was WORTHY!
This awesome pic is from my brother, who got it from a friend, who got it from... I don't know. (ha)

8. Lucky Mart

This Lucky Mart is in "the hood", aka the south side of Chicago. As you can see, the (crappy) state of Illinois is very active here with their lottery advertising. My fave: Anything can happen! It's all very clever... a nifty tax and exploitation of the poor.
So, I stood in line to buy my bottle of water. It took a while as I was behind three shabbily dressed guys, all buying various combinations lottery games/ticket. One guy's tab was over $300! There's a whole lottery language, sort of like Starbucks, when you order these things. It took so long, they opened another window for me. "Just the water?" Yeah. Jerky. (ha)

My old man has a saying, first uttered in reference to Ed McMahon, but you can apply it to the state of Illinois as well.
They'd sell cancer if you paid them. 
A pox on Illinois and its lottery. Anything can happen? I wish something would happen. That would be "lucky". (grr)

9. Rizzo wrap = Cub crap

All kinds of Cub crap litters the Jew-el.

10. A little funny lookin'

Trump and his crew are a little funny lookin'.
And yes... I like that.
They look like people, not beauty queens or underwear models or elves or gnomes or whatever.
thanks... yow, bill