Saturday, March 12, 2011

Santa's Village Update

I sent the old man that Santa's Village link I posted (williamt - Governor Goofus and Governor Gallant). And he replied with this little piece of Americana:

That shot's roughly 40 years ago. That's me in the matching yellow shirt and hat and the plaid shorts. GQ here I come. Good lord.

Moz vigorously defended himself in my telling of story of Brian puking on the snowballs at Santa's Village.

"It wasn't my fault - we went with your Mom's friend, Lenore, and her husband, Glenn. HE was the troublemaker! Well, maybe I went along a tiny bit!
Ask me about Glenn and when we went to Shakey's Pizza one night!"
- Moz, reply to charges that his drunken shenanigans made Brian puke on the snowballs at Santa's Village

Shakey's pizza. It looks like they're still around, just not in Illinois:

Moz also recalled the Amphicars at Santa's Village. "The cars would become a boat and actually "drive" across the water. They used a creek that flowed through the park. We'd get in the car and the driver would drive it into the water, turn it into a boat and "sail" it to the other side where we would go back into "drive mode around a concrete "U" then sail back."

Well, Amphicars have a website at least: And you can see them in the upper left of this old-time ad.

That ad fires off neurons in my noggin like a mother. I think they used to run them in the Sunday paper every week.
yow, bill

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