Monday, October 9, 2017

Office woodchuck

"Office woodchuck"

Woodchucks are macho! I've seen this guy a hundred times sitting on my office window ledge...surveying his realm. I'm glad to finally get a picture of him.

Lyric OTD
Every day was something new
You put on your bag and your fine to-do
You got me trying new things too
Just so I can keep in love with you
- ZZ Top, Thank You

Messy capitalism

Um... (scratch scratch) I saw this commercial for a new game from Hasbro yesterday.
It's called Toilet Trouble. The loser gets sprayed in the face with toilet water?!?

I got a haircut last week. They were selling a hair product called SuperGlue. (scratch again)

im losing faith in humanity
- comment on Toilet Trouble video
Keep the faith, my commenting brother. It's capitalism, baby. Messy capitalism. It's fun. And think about it. A lot of people just like you and me invested tons of $$$ and their careers to create Toilet Trouble and SuperGlue. If they lose, they lose. But if they win... ah, yes!


I have a new fave in education. Well, two new faves.

Eva Moskowitz is the founder of Success Academy, a group of amazing charter schools in NYNY. They're "hook" is simple: their students work harder.

We establish challenging expectations and we deliver rigorous curriculum and high-quality, engaging instruction. We create magical houses of learning, but this learning is not a magic trick. When school is the most interesting, fulfilling place to be, then students show up and step up academically. The term “high expectations” has become a cliche, but the reality is that our society continues to ask far less of children than what they are capable of. This is particularly true for low-income children of color. Success Academy principals and teachers truly believe that kids are capable of mastering almost anything — and few things are as satisfying as helping a child discover her own potential.
- Eva, What We Can Expect From Kids

Betsy Devos is President Trump's Sec of Education. She's trying to cleanup some of the mess from the Obama regime. In this case, the terrible sexual harassment policies dictated to our colleges.
Betsy Devos rescinded Obama’s sexual-harassment guidance

Still Life

Book: Still Life by Louise Penny
Review: 4 bill-stars (out of 5)... very good!

Let's hunker down and do some book review math. (smile) Still Life is a 3-star plot... with some 5-star writing... (carry the one)... that's a 4 bill-star book. Very good!

The highlight to Still Life is it's wonderful, fluid writing style. I'll call it a Goldilocks writing style with just the right amount of plot, dialogue, description, action, vocabulary, humor, philosophy, etc. The writing is smart. Louise Penny is an artist. That's the best way I can describe it.

Gamache enjoyed going to churches for their music and the beauty of the language and the stillness. But he felt closer to God in his Volvo.
- Still Life
The murder mystery plot is okay, but it's secondary. It's a little hokey, but it didn't take away from enjoying the book really.

The author slips in some of her values... in an entertaining way, as David Mamet would demand. In the quote below, she advocates self-reliance and rails against long-term psycho-therapy. One of the characters, Myrna, is a retired shrink who couldn't stand the nonsense and more.

Myrna threw herself back in her chair. "The vast majority of troubled people don't get it. The fault is here, but so is the solution. That's the grace."

"But that would mean admitting there was something wrong with them. Don't most unhappy people blame others? That's what was so stark, so scary about that line from Julius Caesar. Who among us can admit that the problem is us?"

"You got it."
- Myrna and Gamache, Still Life
BTW, Shakespeare's line is: The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings." (wow!)

Let's dot some i's.

There's a very moving epilogue by Louise Penny at the end where she touches on the incredible impact that publishing her book has had on her life. It looks like there are 13 of these Chief Inspector Gamache Mystery books in this series, and each gets higher and higher ratings on Goodreads. I look forward to jumping on the bandwagon.

A great read!

peaceful, positive, productive... yow, bill

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