Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Biomimetic Bill

"Sparky mural"

This mural is pretty cool. It's at the band shell in downtown Naperville, and it's actually the stage "curtain" that is drawn back (or up?) when the band plays. Like I said... pretty cool.

Older than game

Let's play the older than game... (yeah!)

Quiz: Is WilliamT older than Canada?

Answer: No, of course not. What were you thinking? Canada turns 150 years old on July 1.
They even have a glow-in-the-dark silver $5 coin to commemorate the event. (weird)

Pretty funny. That coin deal has a 30 second marketing video celebrating 150 years of Canada's greatness. It includes Joe Carter's world series home run. (that's weird as well)
The official Canada 150 logo is pretty funny too. Funny bad.

Canada has a wee leftie problem of their own. All the colors in that logo means that Canada is diverse. (hmm, cough) And some people (Canadian lefties?) are complaining that students were exploited by the government's logo contest, like unpaid interns (gasp!).

I don’t feel like I was being exploited.
- Ariana Cuvin, college student who won the logo contest, ottawa citizen post

Baseball best

Best rookie - Cody Bellinger's first MLB game was April 25, 2017. By May 7, he was starring for the Naperville Roses. Since then, he's played in 51 games, hit 21 homers, and been historic.
Cody Bellinger finished 3-for-5 with a pair of home runs and four RBI on Monday against the Mets, becoming the quickest to 21 homers in major league history. The rookie has 21 clouts through 51 career games, and he leads the National League in homers.
- rotoworld post

Best nickname - Heard this one last night on MLB TV. Justin Turner = Teen Wolf (snort)

Best mascot - Daisy the dog. He's the mascot of the Savannah Bananas minor league baseball team: Here's Daisy on Bark in the Park day... meeting PeeWee the Pig. (oink)

Biomimetic Bill

I hope I'm me and not just some bogus biomimetic copy.
A biomimetic lifeform is an organism capable of biological mimicry, imitating other organisms or objects.
I've been watching some Star Trek Voyage on the Star Trek channel. It holds up very well. Much better than Next Gen. (gasp) The plot last night was so cool. The main characters start getting sick and dying off, and I'm like, What the heck?!? Well, Janeway and the crew eventually figure out that they're not the real Voyager. They're just fancy copies, alien biomimetic blobs. (he he!)
They come upon the encounter of the biomimetic lifeforms created by the "Silver Blood" on the Demon Class planet in the Vaskan sector, which they naturally assumed they had left behind on the planet after their encounter with them. However, in a test where Torres' body is injected with a dichromate catalyst, the results show that she was a biomimetic copy. In fact, every member of the crew and Voyager itself are biomimetic copies whose memories have been copied from the originals – part of why the crew doesn't remember being copies –and the warp drive radiation, though harmless to humanoids, is killing them.
Very smart. Very fun. And Janeway is great. Voyager!


I watched Mad Max Fury Road on regular TV for the first time. Jeez, that movie's fucking fantastic, with some of the best action scenes ever. I originally saw it on Imax, of course. I should be publicly flogged for only giving Fury Road 4 bill-stars (williamt post). I would watch it again right now. That's a 5 bill-star movie, baby.

I paid cash money to rent the movie Her on Comcast Direct. I saw it in 2014 and rated it 4 bill-stars (williamt post). That review is good, and the movie is fantastic. I'll go 4+ bill-stars. Totally unique. Interesting. Smart. Smart tech, which is very rare. And Joaquin Phoenix is amazing in a really weird role. Great movie!

Great re-movies!
re... yow, bill

PS - The repubs won some stupid special election in GA tonight. Dems made this boring, inconsequential election interesting by desperately spending tons of $$$ ($50M!?!?!) trying to defeat Trump... trying to win anything, anywhere. CNN is on right now. Jesus H. Christ, they're unhappy. They are mad... with the hot intensity of a million suns! Fucking pissed off. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! American voters are idiots and losers and racists. Deplorable!

Excellent. (smile)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Super Abreu!

"Set silhouette"

That's the set for Guys and Dolls at Brightside Theater. (nearly an) Art shot!

Super Abreu!

Thu Jun 29 is Super Hero Night at Sock park. Lots of fun stuff going on (below), but the BIG giveaway: Jose Abreu Super Hero bobbleheads. Marketing!
Come out dressed in your favorite super hero attire and help save the game one home run at a time! Super heroes from Wizard World Comic Con will be roaming around the park throughout the game, so be sure to grab a picture with one of your childhood heroes! We will be featuring graphics and music throughout the game. Also, the first 1,000 fans to purchase will have the opportunity to participate in early batting practice at the ballpark and receive an exclusive Jose Abreu Super Hero bobble head!
In addition to his duties with the White Sock, Abreu plays 1B for the fantasy Naperville Roses. (yeah)
His numbers this season so far are OK: 41 run, 10 homer, 37 rbi, 119 tb.
Over a full season, that extrapolates out to: 102 run, 25 homer, 93 rbi, and 298 tb.
I like that. Even better... Abreu usually has better numbers in the second half.
Super Abreu!

Playoffs: plus and minus

Well, the NBA and NHL playoffs are over. Quickly, quickly:
  • NHL - The deciding game 6 in Nashville was a disappointment. The level of play just wasn't that great. Usually these games are absolutely frenetic. But for some reason, game 6 languished and the Pens won on a non-shot that ricocheted off the back of the Preds goalie. Meh.
  • NBA - The Warriors beat the Cav in 5 games. (yeah) Punky JR Smith is the only reason the game was close, shooting 7/8 from the 3-point line. (yahoo boxscore
Now the big offseason drama in the NBA: how will LeBron improve his super team to compete with the Warriors super team? (yawn) I'm not sure what drama the fans in the other 28 NBA cities are supposed to follow, but it surely doesn't matter. Go Bulls! (snark)

This quote is funny.

Super Team QOTD
[The Warriors are] going to be the highest favorite we've ever had going into a season, any team in any sport.
gambling nabob, Warriors head into next season as heavy favorites to defend NBA title
Warriors are -200 to win again next year... the heaviest Vegas favorite of any team in any sport.
Cavs are next at 3-1 odds. After that, it's Spurs at 12-1. Get your tickets now for the regular season, sports fans. (pffft)

Spell check

President Trump needs a spell check on his tweet here. That's FAKE NEWS... all caps.

I agree with this rightie nabob quote: special counsel's inquiry is growing like a tumor.

[This is a] classic case of a special counsel expanding the scope of his investigation.
The metastasis has begun.
- rightie nabob, foxnews post

The special counsel's goal is disruption, not investigation. Mueller will stay in the limelight as long as he can, at least through the next election in Nov 2018. This should be a big negative for President Trump, but I'm not so sure. I don't think it's difficult for people to see through the corruption and malfeasance in this process. Also, at some point, the unceasing vitriol by leftie media and pols may even make President Trump a sympathetic character. We'll see.

"Is this a team of republicans or democrats practicing?"
So, some whacked out leftie tried to kill a bunch of repub congresspeople. His motivation was purely political, and it doesn't appear that he was some complete psychotic. He was just an eager consumer of hard-core leftie dogma. The response by leftie pols and media to this pol-inspired violence: double down on the FAKE NEWS (Sarah Palin did it!) and the hate (repubs deserve it). There is no symmetry here. The political violence and hatred is almost exclusively a leftie phenomenon.

It's awfully good to be a rightie these days.
  • No violence - I don't have to defend violence in the name of my politics. I have never turned on the teevee only to see Crooked Hillary supporters beaten up or Obama followers shouted down at some university.
  • I like you - I can disagree with your politics without calling you deplorable. I don't have to listen to rightie pols denigrate you either. That's nice. Leftie pols are repellant, but I like you.
  • It's simple - My politics are simple: personal freedom and the American Dream. Both of these are only available when we have limited government.
Trump is important.
thanks... yow, bill

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


"Blue blood"

This is a photo of some cool student art at Noctrl.
I have a little more info at my flickr version of the pic:

This is a post of tiny, weird quote-y nuggets. For fun. (duh)

This is what we do to ourselves on a daily basis. We weigh ourselves down until we can't even move. And make no mistake, moving is living.
- Clooney, Up in the Air
Up in the Air. What a great movie!

If you’re a human being living in 2017 and you’re not anxious, there’s something wrong with you.
- some medicated girl, Prozac Nation Is Now the United States of Xanax
That meds chick is not a bad symbol of leftie pop culture: first world problems, medicated, she's a victim, and she's intolerant of those not like her.

I prefer to repeat Abe Lincoln's simple, timeless advice.

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.
- Abe Lincoln, goodreads quote

The network [TBS] not only edited out the word “terrorist” from a scene, but also changed the camera angle so that viewers did not even catch a glimpse of it.
TBS Can’t Handle This Very Un-PC Word
TBS edited the Libyan terrorists out of Back to the Future? That's pretty weird. Who thinks of this stuff? Who spends the time and $$$ to do it? Maybe they have terrorists on staff at TBS. Or perhaps they have some terrorist liaison person in HR or something. (ha)

After 50 years, The Moody Blues are as unique and impressive as ever.
- Facebook spam

Yeesh. Impressive? I guess it's impressive that they're 75 years old and still hopping around.
"Don't miss their show!" (snort) Seriously, this could be an ad in The Onion.

Comey is a leaker!
- President Trump tweet

I only caught snippets of Comey's "testimony". It was odd. I thought Comey behaved like a victim, or a little girl even. He was "queasy" and not strong enough and intimidated and didn't know what to do and... this is the 6'8" director of the FBI!

So, it was kind of funny to see leftie media glom onto this notion as well. Of course, their take was a little more extreme than mine. (ya think, snort) The prevailing leftie opinion: it's like Comey was date-raped by President Trump?!?

NBA Finals 2017: Warriors' Stephen Curry denies pooping on Cavs court
- sporting news post

Men ARE a big problem. You've got Steph Curry pooping up there. And below, in Madrid, they are frantically trying to stop the scourge of man-spreading on the subway. They've even got their own NO MAN-SPREADING sign. Marketing!

The new information icon (below) indicates the prohibition of taking a seating position that bothers other people. It’s to remind transport users to maintain civic responsibility and respect the personal space of everyone on board.
Madrid Bans Manspreading On Its Public Transport

Talk is cheap.
Show me the code.
- the Linux guy, goodreads quote

Vera: He broke up with you over text message?
Clooney: That's kind of like firing someone over the Internet.
- Up in the Air

Fun. And done.
thanks... yow, bill