Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tattooed Kitty... to win

"Tattooed Kitty... to win"

I visited Santa Anita Racetrack last month. It was my first experience with horse racing. My first time at The Track (ha). It was fun and a fantastic time, but Santa Anita ( had a LOT to do with that. The place is absolutely gorgeous!

For the record, Tattooed Kitty didn't win. Actually, Tattooed Kitty finished dead last. (wah!) Of course, every detail of everything is right there for you on the Internets. They even have video of the race, but you have to signup for that.

Your desire to delight customers

Jeff Bezos' shareholder letter is inspiring and a great read!

Amazon QOTD
Even when they don’t yet know it, customers want something better, and your desire to delight customers will drive you to invent on their behalf. No customer ever asked Amazon to create the Prime membership program, but it sure turns out they wanted it, and I could give you many such examples.
- Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, Letter to Shareholders
That letter is about a 5 minute read, and it's outstanding.
It's good to be a customer.
It's great to be a customer!

If you ever wonder why I have such a stick up my ass about Obama, socialism, big government, fed $$$, etc... it's all based on one premise: You are not a customer. With Amazon, I'm a customer. And it's great! Yes sir. No sir. Thank you and please. And the kicker... if I don't like Amazon, I'll go somewhere else.

With the feds, I'm a cog. There is no Bezos customer feedback loop. And the feds think that they 're doing me a fucking favor. The system is more important than the people.

An intense desire to delight your customers... It's why BIG government fails. And it's why Amazon and capitalism are such a success. Cha!

Americans are having less sex

Scrunch up your face with me on this one, ok.
Americans are Having Less Sex Today Than 25 Years Ago
My first reaction. FAKE SCIENCE. I figured it would be some tiny, irrelevant decline in some stupid, misleading statistic. But the stat seems fine (around a long time) and the decline isn't small at all (~15%).

In his next post, the sex dude asks why this is happening.
Why Americans Are Having Less Sex—And What It Means
  • singles - fewer adults today are married
  • tech - less sex and more on our phones and streaming video
  • fucked up - more Americans are obese, using antidepressant medications, and drinking (I don't believe that last one at all, fwiw)
Well, if you want to have the same amount of sex or more... he has a recommendation: Work more and watch more porn. (snort)

You may be surprised to learn is that this [less sex] does not seem to be a function of Americans working harder or watching more porn... working longer hours and watching more porn were actually related to having more—not less—sex.
Why Americans Are Having Less Sex—And What It Means

Carrie Pilby

Movie: Carrie Pilby
Review: 2 bill-stars (out of 5)... not good
Letterboxd: see note below

Film teenager Carrie Pilby is portrayed by this hot, pouty 25 year-old actress. Acting!

Carrie is a discontented teen who struggling to cope with the dire circumstances of her life: she's hot, pursued by every male in the film, living in Manhattan, and she's a child prodigy with a degree from Harvard. She handles these difficulties by being precocious for 90 minutes. For WiliamT, this is a Lifetime movie barely worth 2 stars. For John Q Public, it's 88 rotten tomatoes. (shrug)

Nathan Lane has a supporting role as Carrie Pilby's therapist (sigh). His performance stood out in the movie, but also... he looks great! Nathan Lane is 61:

An aside - I think I'm giving up on letterboxd for my movie reviews. I'll just schlock them up here on the ole williamt blog. I figured letterboxd would be the goodreads of movies for me. Meh. Not so much. The letterboxd site is fine, but movies just aren't nearly as interesting or important as books.

The Older Than Game

Always good, clean fun. Let's play... The Older Than game!
Is WilliamT older than The NHL?

(cue the music)

No. WilliamT is not older than the NHL. (phew)

Alas, my Blackhawk are done. Down three zip to buster Nashville. (sigh)
In pro sports, you don't age slowly. It happens all of a sudden. The Blackhawks look slow and old.

I gotta hand it to the local rag in Nashville. The Tennessean has a pretty cool headline and front page to celebrate the Predators victories. (click to make it larger)

I saw some Nashville fans wearing this t-shirt on the tube last night. I don't know. It looks kind of, um, wrong. However, maybe fang fingers could be a part of the solution to America's sex decline problem. (he he)

Hawk lose.
wah... yow, bill

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