Wednesday, October 4, 2017

NIFF 2017

"NIFF poster"


NIFF is a bunch of independent films shown right here in Naperville.
That sounds cool, right? Well, it is cool.
Naperville Independent Film Festival -

But few people seem to notice, and the attendance was very light for a Friday night. The movies are shown at the Hollywood Palms on 59, which is a very nice theater. It's a deal where you can eat and have an adult beverage inside the theater. And for your 10 bucks, you usually get to see a short and then a feature movie. All the movies are by independent film-makers and haven't yet been released to regular, old theaters.

Well, the light crowd is great for those of us who attend. The two movies we saw were very good and are reviewed below. I look forward to attending NIFF 2018. (smile)

On the 7th Date

Movie: On the 7th Date
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... fun

The young guy who made 7th Date took questions after the show. Cool!

I'm shy. I had to drink a bunch of Bud Lights just to talk to you guys tonight.
- Chris Goodwin, creator of On the 7th Date
This is a pretty standard rom-com deal, that is well done. Here's the setup: A couple on their 7th date decides that it's not working out. The actors are quite good, and the film is very entertaining.

One thing that's weird... seeing "normal" people on the big screen. By that I mean normal-looking people. The girl in 7th Date isn't Jennifer Aniston, and the guy ain't Brad Pitt. They're pretty much just regular-looking people like you and me. My eyes and brain definitely complained for a couple minutes, but then it was fine. Anywho. The movie is definitely worthy.

I couldn't find a website for this one. It's on IMDB though:


Movie: Monsters
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... good

This is a good, interesting short. The plot: A young girl lives with her family in a basement shelter hiding from the monsters that live on the surface above. It's about 13 minutes long. Worthy!

These guys have a couple of websites:

I enjoyed Monsters. Here are two short films that are even better:

Some humor. Finally!

This is a welcome humorous break from the national anthem grind. It's a very funny tweet couple of comments. (snort)

Dead quiet in here. (he he) It's so refreshing to read something that is both funny and apolitical. I have no idea what the politics of "Jere" are, and I don't care. It's just a funny situation, well told.

NIFF, 7th Date, Monsters... all worthy. It's unclear what ultimately happens to movies like 7th Date and Monsters. I guess the odds are long that they will ever get a nationwide release. Does that mean they'll end up on cable or some internet venue like Netflix? I don't know.
peace... yow, bill

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