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Election Night 2016

One year ago... Nov 8, 2016 @ 10:20 pm ET.
The NY Times gave Crooked Hillary an 85% chance of winning.

Hillary Clinton 85%, Donald J. Trump 15%
A victory by Mr. Trump remains possible: Mrs. Clinton’s chance of losing is about the same as the probability that an N.F.L. kicker misses a 37-yard field goal.

FAKE NEWS. (smile)

I'll give it up to ultra-leftie Esquire magazine for their fun blurb-y take on election night (below). It's pretty entertaining. Bannon has the best quotes, of course.

The exit polls were horrific. It was brutal. I think we were close in Iowa and Ohio and everything else was just brutal. Losing everywhere. Florida, Pennsylvania. I mean, it looked like a landslide.
Drudge snapped us out of it, saying, “You guys are a couple of jamokes. Wait until the second exit polls come out, or later.”

My own election night story is a little silly and entertaining. I taught that night till 10:00 (yes, Noctrl schedules a class 6-10 Tue nights, ha!). I got in my Sooby and immediately turned off the radio. I was not into listening to any Hillary victory news. I was going to get some late dinner on a barstool somewhere, but then I realized that that would mean being surrounded by nonstop election coverage. So, I headed home.

Get home. Turn on the TV. And that was pretty much that. I stayed up late until the networks officially announced that Trump would be president. There were a few text messages sprinkled in there as well. Yes. It was glorious.

Trump accomplishments

One year of Trump. It's been a great start.
  • Supreme Court Justice N Gorsuch... and lots of conservative federal judges appointed as well
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs! (see below)
  • Trump Tweets! 
    • Allows him to speak directly to the American people.
    • Gives him an iron grip over the media. Trump tweets are the dog. The FAKE NEWS is the tail.
    • One thing unites ALL pols and media... Trump HAS to stop tweeting. Thankfully, Trump is smarter than that and continues to tweet, tweet, tweet!
    • I've started using twitter and following Trump. A lot of Twitter is a sewer, for sure. But I generally enjoy it and now follow my kids on there, too. I'm just a troll at this point... though I did have 2 re-tweets in October. (ha)
  • Lower regulations are fueling growth and optimism
  • Executive orders are chipping away at Obamacare, illegal immigration, etc
  • Tax cut and reform package
  • Vigorously defending the nation anthem, our veterans, police, and country
  • Illegal immigration is way down.
  • Ban immigration from countries where significant chaos and terrorism exist. Trump is working on a shift from random or nabob-selected immigration to merit-based selection.
  • Withdrew from the Paris global warming agreement
  • Removed obstacles to building the Keystone pipeline
  • Confronts global bad actors: N Korea and Iran. Trump invalidated the Iran agreement. He's pressuring China to help in corralling N Korea. We are increasing out military presences in the Pacific, etc.
  • Defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria
  • Confronts terrorists - the days of humming and hawing after Islamic terrorist attacks are gone.
  • Working to improve trade deals: NAFTA, Great Britain, Pacific region, etc.
  • Excellent people around him. My faves: spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders and chief of staff General Kelly.
  • Crooked Hillary exposed: dem primaries rigged, uranium deal, and paying for Russian Trump dossier... none of this would have seen the light of day had Trump not won.
  • The IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups during the Obama administration. This isn't good enough, but at least it's something.
  • Stock market at all-time highs
  • Great handling by Trump and FEMA of 3 hurricanes in a row. 
And on and on... what did I forget? (ha)

You want Trump complaints? OK, here are two small ones. First, Jeff Sessions was a terrible choice for Attorney General. Sessions should never have accepted the position if he was going to recuse himself in regard to Russia or anything. Second, the tax reform package doesn't seem much less complicated than what we already have. Lower taxes are great, but the tax reform part is a little disappointing right now.

We've had a year of Trump-positivity. Best of all - Trump has been unrelenting in exposing and confronting the swamp. The attacks on Trump and his deplorable supporters (smile) have been ineffective so far.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

The unemployment rate is lower now than it was during the entire 70s, 80s and 90s. The only exceptions are January 1970 and December 1999.
- cws post

Trump's election was a surprise last year. I'm even more surprised at the man's strength as president. Who knew? Trump has no pol party or in-the-bag media outlets or legion of government nabobs to support him. It's just Trump and the people who voted for him fighting against the swamp.
So far, America is winning.
make america great again... yow, bill

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