Monday, November 13, 2017

Veggies. In tot form!

"Tiger profile"

That's a pretty good one from the Brookfield Zoo.

The notch

Oops - Apple design faux pas? Say it ain't so. The iPhone X screen has a weird notch at the top.
Why I think Apple botched the iPhone X’s notch

This notch was marketing-driven, I reckon. Apple wanted to have this "all-screen" designation, and this was given priority over the design and aesthetics of the phone.
Speculation - The iPhone X wouldn't have a notch in it if Steve Jobs were still alive, eh.

Nice zinger by this dude. Let's give Apple TV a notch, too. (smirk)

But still, all hail Apple  - The iMac I'm typing on right now (write now, ha) is too old for the latest OS upgrade, High Sierra. (dop) This machine will be 10 years old next year. Best computer I ever bought. I don't think this toaster has crashed 5 times in 10 years. No viruses. Still runs like a top. Excellent engineering!

Gamache follow-up

A little book follow-up here... these are two things peripherally mentioned in the first Chief Inspector Gamache book, Still Life (3 bill-stars, williamt review): 1) Georges Simenon and 2) Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major. Georges Simenon was a prolific author and defiler of women (ha) and the Tchaikovsky is incredible.

Every morning, he sat down and completed his self-assigned daily quota of eighty typewritten pages. Then he would vomit, from the tension, and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Thus, by the age of twenty-seven, he had established the pattern of his life: lots of books, lots of women.
- Georges Simenon, new yorker story

This is an unbelievable performance by violinist Itzhak Perlman. He's the soloist for Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D major. I gotta buy that one. (done, smile)

Phillie Death Trinity

Three ex-Phillie ballplayers have died this year: Jim Bunning, Darren Daulton, and Roy Halladay.

1. Jim Bunning
He died on May 26, 2017 at 85 years old.

Bunning QOTD 
I have also thought that being able to throw a curveball never was a bad skill for a politician to have.
- Jim Bunning, nytimes post

2. Darren Daulton
He died on August 6, 2017 at age 55 (too young, ha!). He had battled cancer for a long time.
Daulton was a good, ballplayer:

His twitter page lives on: I guess that's what we've decided to do with social media. If someone dies, you just leave the pages up there. I guess that makes sense. I can't think of any better way to handle it.

Daulton's wife (widow, sorry) was one of the original Hooters girls. Huzzah to that!
First Hooters girl Lynne Austin looks back at her success

3. Roy Halladay
Roy Halladay just died this week in a plane crash. He was just 40.

Baseball Reference says that Halladay is a borderline HOF'er. That sounds about right.

What do you do when your passion, your favorite hobby is pretty dangerous? I guess you go for it. Halladay's twitter page is little odd at this point. It's awash tweets about the plane in which Halladay died. (dop)

Courage is not being fearless but rather acting in spite of the existence of fear!
- Roy Halladay,
Dangerous hobbies... I see (old) people having fun on their motorcycles in the sunshine and think to myself "that's pretty cool". Hmm.

This is a nice workaday myphoto. It's the home run Liberty Bell at the Phillies ballpark.


This is a good article. Even though I don't know the difference between a trend and a meta-trend. (ha)
Meta-Trends for 2018 Fantasy Season

MLB reality - The baseball. Here's the stat: pitchers average HR per 9 innings. It's increased nearly 50% in just 4 seasons.
  • 2014: 0.86 home run/9 innings
  • 2015: 1.02
  • 2016: 1.17
  • 2017: 1.27
This HUGE increase, happening so quickly, can't be explained away by big, strong players using an upper cut swing. The ball is juiced. The author doesn't think MLB will change this and, we should "expect the live-ball era to continue." Probably.

LP3 fantasy - The author advises: I’m not investing in power-only hitters.
I don't know, man. That's all I gots. (smile) We'll see.

Speaking of the Naperville Fantasy Ballclub®, me and Phillie hitting coach Matt Stairs... we were both wrong about M Franco last year.

[hitting coach] Matt Stairs was confident in Maikel Franco. Matt Stairs is gone.
2017 Phillies player review: Maikel Franco
Well, I don't want to fire myself, so let's do some M Franco math:
  • M Franco will still be 25 when the season starts next April, yahoo player
  • His stats last year: 66 run, 24 dinger, 67 rbi, 235 total base
  • He'll be dirt cheap at 3B next season, probably available after round 14
The main thing though has nothing to do with stats. M Franco looks like a ballplayer.  I see it. The Phillies see it. It's why he kept batting 5th any time he had a pulse last year.

Bottom line: For low low $$$, M Franco will be Naperville next year. Lord help me.
ha... yow, bill

PS - Join the revolution... Veggie Tots! In the future, all food will be served in tot form. Tots!


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