Thursday, January 4, 2018

Minus 12

"Minus 12"

We're off to a chilly start in 2018. I like that pic... almost an art shot. Almost. (ha)

Hey williamt. It's not just a "chilly start". (cretin... what about the children?!?)
It's not a winter storm or a blizzard either.
It's now a "bomb cyclone".
Who comes up with this crap? Oh yeah, CNN headline writers.
But shouldn't it be in all caps, bold and red: BOMB CYCLONE!

Well, I give kudos to the lads at CNN... the "bomb cyclone" is a hit. All the media (FAKE NEWS) is glomming onto this exciting, new threat to our existence. (yawn)

Truth be told... I thought "polar vortex" was catchier. The 2014 polar vortex even has its own Wikipedia page:

Last review of 2017

Book: To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey
Review: 2 bill-stars (out of 5)... DNF

DNF―I gave up halfway through. The pace is very slow, and the choice of writing style is the death knell here. The story is told in a series of diary entries and letters and other correspondence. This format drains spontaneity and life out of an already listless tale.

They set themselves down in my sitting room and commenced to telling me every dull and horrifying consideration of child bearing and child rearing, as if they did me a favor to counter my vast inexperience. Oh, I wish I possessed more gratitude and patience.
- Mrs. Forrester, To the Bright Edge of the World 

Well, I'm surprised this book isn't better. It's got a fancy title: To the Bright Edge of the World. The plot sounds interesting: Lt Col Forrester and his men explore uncharted Alaska in the late 1800's. I really enjoyed the author's other book, The Snow Child (4 bill-stars!). Heck, even the author's name, Eowyn Ivey, is cool. But the book is a disappointment, and my 2 bill-star rating is very generous (cough).

Not a good read.

Low carbs craze

Low carbs = losing weight + more energy. This article is long, but good.

And this is interesting... fast one day per week?

Shit. By now, most everyone has their low/no-carbs story or religion, I suppose. My awakening (ha) came from the book Eat Bacon, Don't Jog (goodreads review). It's not about going bonkers on this or that. It's about the power of knowledge. I'm not fasting or anywhere near zero carbs, but because of Eat Bacon I know how to control my weight and increase my energy level. Meditation is the same way. I'm not trying to turn into Yoda or anything. But it's powerful to be able to calm my inner loop (monkey) when I want to. That's the pow-ah. That's some positivity.

Lost in Translation

2003 - The movie Lost in Translation was released 15 years ago. I liked it. It's definitely a guy movie with some old dood trolling a young hottie in Japan. It's kind of surprising that the movie was written and directed by a woman, Sophia Coppola.

OK, so this week... I caught a little bit of Lost in Translation on the teevee. I was happy to find it. But watching for a few minutes, I was kind of cringe-y. Good lord, Scarlett Johansson is really young. And Bill Murray is old. Then.. she's chasing after him. Ugh.

I popped up, grabbed my laptop, and checked Lost in Translation on IMDB. In 2003, Scarlett was just 18-19 years old and Bill Murray was 53. Scarlett Johansson looks so young she still has her baby fat and downy hair all over her. (ha)

I didn't watch much of it. Maybe I'll watch the whole movie sometime in the future, but it didn't seem to hold up in the short viewing I had. It made my head hurt, actually. (shrug) I'll confirm for the record though―I can still watch Manhattan over and over again, even with creepy Wood Allen at the helm.

BTW, Lost in Translation isn't Scarlett's first "real" movie. She starred in Ghost World in 2001 when she was 16. Rebecca and Enid. Scarlett and Thora Birch. Yeah, that movie's a little different though. In that role, she plays a goofy teenager who is pursuing life, not some craggily old man.

First review of 2018

Movie: The Shape of Water
Review: 2 bill-stars (out of 5)... not good

The Shape of Water is a fairy tale, so the movie can get away with caricatures and a silly plot. But (he says), it can't get away with being dumb and maudlin. The Shape of Water may be ideal viewing for a teenage girl.

So, I'll go 2 bill-stars. I give 1 bill-star for the movie. I laughed at "serious" moments in the movie; it is just too silly. It feels like a really long 2 hours. The movie isn't smart. And the cherry on top―there's a bit of ridiculous political correctness tossed in there. I'll add 1 bill-star for the female lead: Sally Hawkins. She's outstanding and single-handedly saves this movie from oblivion. Hawkins is quirky-beautiful and very charismatic.

The high point of Shape of Water is when the fish-alien guy eats a pet cat. (ha) Um, not a good movie.

thanks... yow, bill

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