Wednesday, January 10, 2018

People are sex objects

"People are sex objects"

I saw this sticker in downtown Naperville stuck to a lamppost: People are sex objects. (giggle like a school girl) That's pretty funny, I thought to myself. So I whipped out my crappy phone and took a pic.

Then I looked again and realized. Oops. People are not sex objects. Well, that's not nearly as funny.
But it's funny how my brain works... and I may need some help. (he he)

You know what they say about women...
Nice and normal in the head.
Nice and normal in the bed.
- Mom, the TV show (not my Mom, he he)

Be the stock market

Hold on a second will ya?

OK, I looked back at my 9 blog posts for December and January, and there's only one that mentions media negativity about President Trump (a clever negative headline summary I did, I'm so clever, cough). I like that low number. I never want to fall into the negativity trap of just following stupid media stories. That not what this blog's about.

There's no way to gather the news of the day without experiencing some of the media's anti-Trump vitriol. But you can quickly dismiss stories that have no impact on Trump's presidency. How?
The technique I use ― Be the stock market!

For 18 months now, every hyperbolic, Trump-bashing story has been just noise. Or if you prefer (as I do), FAKE NEWS! It sells ads on CNN. And it makes lefties drool and hyperventilate. But the practical impact of these stories has been zero. It's all been a waste of time for the average joe. All the while, the Trump presidency has thrived. America, too!

But there's a sticky wicket... how will we know when a real story comes along? I think it will be easy. You should see a sharp, significant decline in the stock market. If the stock market doesn't react, then why should I? Simple!

Here's the record so far, btw. The S&P 500 is up almost 30% since President Trump was elected. Capitalism is back in style! For the stock market, 2017 was a year of record low volatility and no significant declines. I heard on CNBC that 2018 is off to the best start in 30+ years.

So, when I hear that Trump is this or that, I check my stock quotes. If the zillions of $$$ in the stock market aren't reacting, then why should I? It's just blather. I'm informed without caring about all the negativity that floats on by. All good.

It looks like 2018 could be another Trump blockbuster: immigration reform, infrastructure bill, replace Obamacare, etc. I'm also hoping that school choice will be a bigger focus for President Trump in 2018.

You ask: Why do we need school choice in our inner cities?
I say: Baltimore is a good example. Part 1 here is the bad joke. The schools are cold.

Baltimore public schools QOTD1
“What has the day been like for you today?,” Maybin asks the children.
“Cold!,” they reply, with one saying, “Very, very, very, very, very cold.”
'This is unacceptable': Former linebacker, current teacher Aaron Maybin decries frigid Baltimore schools

Part 2 is the punchline.

Baltimore public schools QOTD2
Baltimore City already spends $15,564 per pupil, the fourth highest per student out of the 100 largest school districts in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
For Md. schools, more money is not the answer

No Exit

Book: No Exit by Taylor Adams
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... good

This book is a fun thriller. No Exit isn't literature (liter-uh-chuh) per se; it's more like a good movie script. The hook: a young college student gets stuck at a highway rest stop in a snowstorm with some very bad sociopaths. (as opposed to very good sociopaths, ha)

The beginning is a slow, tough slog. I almost gave up. But then the book really ramps up with some humor and some of the old ultra-violence. Darby, our heroine, battles against the torments and tortures of the smarmy rest stop bad guys. Darby is a fun character, and the action scenes are pretty gripping.

She imagined them ― a huddle of strangers in a snowstorm, like gold miners and homesteaders must have shared refuge in these same mountains centuries past ― sipping watery coffee, sharing campfire stories, and listening to the radio for garbled clues as to when the snowplows would arrive. Maybe she'd make a few Facebook friends and learn how to play poker. 
Or maybe she'd go sit in her Honda and freeze to death. 
Both options were equally enticing.
- Darby, No Exit
A good read. And it would make a good movie, too.

The Zach Levine era begins

For your Chicago Bulls... the Zach Levine era begins Saturday.

Gotta admit. I don't know much about Zach Levine. He was the centerpiece of the Jimmy Butler trade with Minnesota. He blew out his knee. He's a young tall guard (6'5"). I think he won the slam dunk contest. Other than that...

The Bull are slumping a bit. They're 1-4 in 2018 so far. Go Bull!

BTW - silly sports media has already hailed the Bulls a winner in the Jimmy Butler trade. Well, nobody told Jimmy Buckets and the Timber-Pups. They're 4th in the Western Conference and surging. Buckets is the clear team leader, and he leads the team in scoring with 21.5 ppg, while shooting 47% from the field.

The only fly in the Minny ointment is Tibs, their doofus coach. He has all 5 of his starters averaging more than 34 minutes a game. We can expect the talented Timber-Pups to be exhausted by playoff time. ¡Que ridiculo!
bull win... yow, bill

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