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Positivity, Triumph in 2017

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- St Elizabeth Seton this morning

Here's some positivity to start the year... a young hockey player telling his Dad that he made the Olympic team. Just 30 seconds. Worthy!

2016―(real) Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election was improbable and amazing.
2017―President Trump's performance in his first year as president tops that.
Trump triumph! 

Trump Triumph

Nerd list...

Jobs, jobs, jobs
Unemployment is down. Wages are up. And this is true across all factors: race, age, gender, etc. It was Trump's #1 focus in the campaign, and he has delivered on that theme as president.

Added conservative jurist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He seems outstanding. Trump's conservative judges are being confirmed throughout our judicial system: Trump makes historic mark on federal bench in first year – and 2018 could be bigger. The impact of these appointments will last for decades.

Reduce regulations
Trump has slashed regulations that were choking our economy and freedoms. Even before tax reform, nearly every significant economic indicator had taken off: consumer confidence; small business optimism; retail spending; manufacturing activity; unemployment level; the stock market, etc. People are absolutely ecstatic that the feds aren't working against them now. The Trump administration is competent, pro-America, and pro-business. This a HUGE change from the last 15 years.

Tax cuts/reform
Trump passed the first major tax bill since Reagan. It's Trump's most important legislative victory so far. Even before tax cuts, we hit 3% GDP growth. Prediction: now, we'll be north of 3% for years. Trump and the repubs removed the SALT (state and local taxes) write-offs. Genius! This is a direct hit to the high-tax leftie blue states (hello, Illinois, are you listening). The most important truism in politics is now in play... It's the Economy, Stupid.

We are moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Nikki Haley stated on the recent UN anti-Israel vote: We will be taking names. Trump lauds Israel and rebukes Iran. I know that Israel is small in the grand scheme of things, but it feels so good to support Israel, the good guys, once again.

But today, we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.  This is nothing more, or less, than a recognition of reality.  It is also the right thing to do.  It’s something that has to be done.
 - President Trump, www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-president-trump-jerusalem/

Reduced immigration
Illegal immigration is WAY down. Wall prototype. Increased enforcement. Pressuring "sanctuary cities" legally and politically. Travel ban from terror-related countries. Coming in 2018: If dems want the DACA program continued, then Trump wants his $$$ for his wall. The art of the deal. (cha)

End Obamacare
The Obamacare mandate was repealed in the tax reform package. How ridiculous is Obamacare? The number of people who pay the penalty to not be in Obamacare is about the same as the number in the exchanges. Coming in 2018 (maybe): full repeal and replacement of Obamacare. (hmm)

Strong foreign policy
Trump defeated ISIS. The magic: he told his generals to do what's necessary and go get the bad guys. (imagine that) We are now confronting N Korea. The foreign policy of appeasement has ended. Also important - Sec of State Tillerson is slashing the State Dept. There's no swampier place, no less competent place in our government, than the State Dept.

Global Warming pushback
We exited the Paris Accord. Trump liberated zillions of acres designated as federal land. The EPA - down go the regulations! The Keystone pipeline is being built. And drilling in Anwar was part of the tax package. Energy independence!

Make America Great Again. Supports the national anthem. Supports the troops. Supports cops. America First diplomacy. Tweeting to bypass the media: twitter.com/realDonaldTrump. Trump is directly battling the anti-American forces out there today: leftie pols, partisan media, political correctness, our out-of-control government nabobs, and more. These negative forces cause other pols to wither and recede. Trump shrugs and blasts them!

Ok, that's it. A couple things about my list.
  • It's all positivity, no negativity. 
  • There's no mention of the previous president. There's no mention of the presidential candidate Trump vanquished in 2016. Trump was elected as an anti-candidate, but he's become more than that now. This record of achievement establishes President Trump as a strong leader on his own merits.
  • I made no mention of Trump's one mistake: Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. It's not a biggie. Sure, the (bogus) special counsel investigation is onerous. But ironically, all the (bogus) talk of impeachment and collusion distracts lefties from anything that's real or important.
An aside - my 3 favorite people in the Trump administration are women: 1) advisor Kellyanne Conway, 2) Nikki Haley, our gal in the UN, and 3) Press Sec Sarah Huckabee Sanders. These competent and fierce ladies have done amazing work battling lefties and political correctness in 2017.


So, 2017 was amazing. I hope in 2018 President Trump will put more emphasis on school choice and inner city violence. And I hope he keeps tweeting. (cha!) We shall see.
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