Sunday, February 4, 2018

NYE run and other stories

"NYE run"

Many years ago (woof), I went to the health club on a New Year's Eve afternoon, and they were already closed. Drunks! I muttered. (he he) So, I drove home and went out for a fun run in the cold and snow. Since then, it's become a tradition... every year I run on New Year's Eve, regardless of the weather. It was pretty chilly this year, but sunny. That makes all the difference. (smile)

Other stories 

Ye olde williamt blog is most certainly not a diary. (or a dairy, as I originally typed, ha) That NYE run pic and blurb got me going though. So here, I'll try a couple of mildly personal stories... for fun.

1) NYE2
Even more years ago (woof woof), I went to the gym and played basketball On NYE. I landed on somebody's foot and badly sprained (obliterated) my ankle. I sat home on NYE elevating my ankle as everyone else went out partying. Man, that injury took months to get over.

2) Nelson!
Every once in a while, you get a worthy Facebook post. My favorite Facebook story last year was Nelson the desert dog. He was rescued by my cousin Susan from the side of the road and spent the year with her. It was a wonderful, positive story, and Susan posted lots of fun pictures of the cute and ever-squinty Nelson.

I got some screen grabs and saved them to my flickr. Facebook focuses on the short-term and doesn't organize or emphasize long-term things very well. (imagine that) With flickr, I can just say "show me all the Nelson photos" and I'm set. Nelson!

3) Ripoff (sort of)
Last month, some doof tried to rip me off. He tried to pass off a bad check on my account.
Let's go to the videotape.
  • Frankfort - The manager at Chase Bank in Frankfort caught it. He said the check looked weird and photocopied, so he called me up. How about that? Pretty conscientious.
  • Naperville - So, I had to go to my Chase in Naperville to cancel my checking account. Kudos to those guys as well. It took less than an hour of my time. The guy was very courteous and informative. If the check had been cashed, I wouldn't have been liable. My low-fee checking setup wasn't available any more at Chase, so they grandfathered me into an even better plan for free. Solid.
  • The cops - I went to the Naperville cops, at the request of Chase Bank. They said I had to file a report if anything was was to happen to this guy. OK, I'm in. The cops weren't as good as Chase, but they were OK.
  • On the blower - I had about 5 checks floating out there, so I had to call each of the companies and work things out. It wasn't too bad.
  • USPS cops - The last call I heard about this was a call from a US postal inspector. I guess the bad guy hit a number of other people with his check shenanigans, and... we're all use the same sprinkler company. (ha) So, Inspector Clouseau at the Post Office thinks that the bad guy broke into their mailbox or something.
So, I got ripped off, but not really. The total cost was zero dollars and probably 8+ hours or so.

4) Depression
No, I'm not depressed. (cmon, ha!) My neighborhood is in a depression. A housing depression.
  • Prices are down more than 20%. Way more.
  • In fact, I don't even know what "price" means? Lots of castles are for sale, but nobody's a-buying. There are 5 houses for sale in my subdivision and another 5 within a couple blocks either way.
  • It's been years now.
  • There's no sign of a turnaround.

Sounds pretty depression-y, right? I don't have anything I can really do, but ride it out. I'm grateful not to be under any financial strain, so I'm able to ride it out.

5) Tiny gray font

Things are good. Better than good. Things are so good that I have to use the tiny gray font you can't read. I don't want to jinx myself. (he he)
I don't know what to tell ya. I'm just taking care of myself, having fun, crossing my fingers, and watching the years fly by. The kids are wonderful, which is everything. Jeez, I'm the luckiest guy I know. What are the odds of that, right? (he he) Just keep all this under your hat, okay. Maybe no one will notice, and I won't get hit by a bus some day. (smile)

It's just some positivity.
Here's Paul Newman at about 55-56 years old from The Verdict. About my age. For no apparent reason.

Baseball notes... N days to pitchers and catchers

Super Bowl
OK, this isn't baseball. Sorry. At least I have this much figured out: my Super Bowl preview viewing = 0.0 minutes. I'll turn my teevee Sunday afternoon at 5:30.

This game is anti-climatic. Win or lose... there's not much drama:

  1. Pattie are the greatest dynasty in the NFL history, and
  2. Tom Brady is the Goat!

I'll be wearing my lucky Pattie hoodie, and hopefully, they'll cruise to victory.

Fantasy baseball
About 2 months till we draft, but fantasy baseball rankings are already starting to come out. The consensus rankings and projections at FantasyPros are the best.
I draft 10th or 11th this year. OMG - the amazing young talent out there. Let's play! (smile)

Playing in a cage
MLB finally caved and will basically put netting all around the batter.

That's a bummer. On a personal note (again)... all the little league fields where TY played just 5 years, the kids play in cages now. It was such a great feeling back then to stand by the foul line, talking and laughing, and watching your kid play those games in the sunshine. Now, you watch your kids behind 10+ foot high black fencing. It's like a prison game, for jiminy sake. The nabobs have won... too many $$$ just floating around. It's sad, stupid, and silly.

The steroids HOF
People are starting to vote for the steroids boys for the MLB HOF. I reckon Bonds and Clemens will get it. More nabob-ery. I don't like it, but I reckon it. (shrug)

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Back then... 37 years ago (gasp!)

Let me make our goal very clear: jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs... Our policy has been and will continue to be: What is good for the American workers is good for America.
- Ronald Wilson Reagan, Labor Day 1981,

And now... in 2018 (smile)

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