Sunday, March 4, 2018

I'll vote ABR

"Snow Sooby"

The media says that I don't really want to build a wall. Can you believe that?
You know... every time I hear that, the wall gets 10 feet taller.
- President Trump

Eleanor Oliphant

Book: Eleanor Oliphant by Gail Honeyman
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... good

This is a good book. Eleanor Oliphant reminds me a lot of Forrest Gump (the movie, I haven't read the book). She's a very sympathetic character. She is trying to overcome her disability. Forrest had a mental disability; Eleanor's is emotional and physical. Because of her disability, she has an innocence in dealing with the world around her. That's a primary source of adventure and tension in the book. Her name is funny.

Like Forrest, you root for Eleanor. You hope and pray she finds her way. But one downside of Eleanor (and Forrest) is cuteness, or more specifically, the repetition of cuteness. Eleanor's amazement and naive analysis of everyday things starts at the start and ends at the end. It gets a little tiring.

At home that evening, I looked into the mirror above the washbasin while I washed my damaged hands. There I was: Eleanor Oliphant. Long, straight, light brown hair that runs all the way down my waist, pale skin, my face a scarred palimpsest of fire. A nose that's too small and eyes that are too big. Ears: unexceptional. Around average height, approximately average weight. I aspire to average... I've been the focus of far too much attention in my time. Pass me over, move along please, nothing to see here.
- Eleanor Oliphant looks in the mirror
It's easier for us to empathize with Eleanor. Her disabilities are more relatable than Forrest Gump's. Most people have some level of insecurity about their emotional state and/or physical appearance. The quote above could be almost anyone taking a self-inventory in front of a mirror.

Eleanor is proud of her vocabulary. This is a great choice by the author as we benefit as readers with lots of interesting words to read and figure out, I mean, discern. I also like the choice of first person narration here. It works.

A good read.

American Made
Movie: American Made
Review: 2 bill-stars (out of 5)... collapse!

The first 30-40 minutes of American Made are very funny and action-packed. Hey, I'm a big Tom Cruise guy, and he's great as a rogue/goofball pilot recruited by the CIA. His young, southern wife in the film is wonderfully (and hotly) portrayed by Sarah Wright. I'm on the couch laughing, thinking, "This is really good."

Then, the laughter stops. (ha) The movie shifts gears from action-comedy to drama and utterly collapses in the second half. The ending is epically bad. Like, all-time. I would almost recommend you sit through the 100 minutes of American Made just to experience its head-shaking ending. Almost.

Not a good movie.

Vote for NOT Rauner

The IL primary is March 20. For repub governor... I'll vote ABR = Anyone But Rauner. That means a young lady named Jeanne Ives.

Bruce Rauner is an utter, complete disappointment. He lost the war with Mike Madigan as IL raised the income tax without any meaningful pension or budget reform in the state. I could almost give Rauner that one, at least he tried. But then Rauner stabbed his constituents in the back and made Illinois the most liberal abortion state in the union. Goo-bye!

His most provocative action, however, came on September 28, when Rauner created a new entitlement to abortion.

The proposal included a provision to allow state employees and low-income women to receive free abortions for any reason whatsoever. Rauner said he’d veto it, making this pledge on April 14, which happened to be Good Friday. Cardinal Cupich thanked him: “Abortion is a controversial issue in this country, but using public money to provide abortions should not be,” he said.
I'll give him this, Rauner is still funny, even if it's unintentional. At some random media event, Rauner celebrated Black History Month by drinking chocolate milk. No way you could make this shit up. Jeez.

"It's really, really good," Rauner proclaimed, punctuating the demonstration with an awkward toast "To diversity."
- Rauner sips chocolate milk, says diversity tastes good
I don't know much about Jeanne Ives. Doesn't matter. Bruce Rauner... he gone!
thanks... yow, bill

PS - Another website crash, more nerd fun. I'll admit though... it's a little unsettling when your bank's website goes down for a few hours. (scrunchy face)

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